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Where Music Is A Path Of Life

Music is our life’s soundtrack. It’s the sound that fills our silence till your cup of joy runs over. It’s the prayer that makes our communion with God complete. 

SuRHeal is founded with the intention of reviving and retaining original and authentic music of India and Globe. It also comes with the accountability of making this music accessible by knowledge sharing and giving a global platform to teachers, students and music connoisseurs to put forth their music in a way that is not necessarily soaked with new trends of music globalisation. We are not just into singing or learning music, but about embracing the goodness of Indian Classical and Global music and utilising it in today’s modern day living.

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There is a sad lack of books and teachers who are musicologically great. You could have both books and teachers providing insights into the excesses of the music business phenomenon, labels or lessons, but none that passes the ‘granny stories’ embedded deep within the Vedic scriptures and the power of music to call upon inner being. Indian and global music teaches togetherness and healing and the fact that frequencies and wavelengths of sounds extract feelings and emotional responses from the conscious and subconscious. The purpose of SuRHeal Academy is to touch lives with music and get them connected with their roots and higher purpose in life. It brings together new and hard-to-find pieces on how generations have experienced music and in an authentic learning format. It is about assimilating ourselves and leaving a legacy of music for this generation and the new generations to come long after we are gone.

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Sur Heal Music therapy flute
Healing Power of music

Experience the Healing Power of Music with SurHeal Raga Therapy

SuRHeal recognizes the therapeutic benefits of music and incorporates them into their training programs.

  • Music therapy
  • Guided imagery
  • Meditation
  • Pain management
  • Mood regulation
  • Cognitive stimulation

Improve Your Understanding Of Music

Music is a universal language that influences all level of human existence. Music Therapy carries a great vintage in Indian Medical holistic science of India. The modern science is now discovering the healing power of alternative methods like yoga and music. The Raga therapy, which is constructed with a mathematical precision to vibrate at a certain frequency can be a boon in management of depression.

Dr Achinyta Srivatsa

Public Health Specialist

Raga therapy has always been a proven alternative therapy for healing. Glad we are putting an effort to revive it. I would encourage everyone to utilize the goodness of Indian classical music and help yourself heal from within. Being a Gynecologist, I can vouch on the goodness of Ragaas for the mother and the baby.

Dr Pankhuri Garg

Founder of La Midas
professional coach

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