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Welcome to SuRHeal Talks, the ultimate platform to share knowledge about music! Our talk shows are designed to provide a forum for music enthusiasts to come together and discuss their passion for music.

At SuRHeal Talks, we bring together musicians, composers, and experts from the music industry to share their knowledge and experience with our audience. Our talks cover a wide range of topics, including music theory, composition, performance, recording, and production.

We believe that music has the power to heal, inspire, and transform lives, and our mission is to promote this message through our talks. Whether you’re an aspiring musician, a music lover, or simply curious about the world of music, SuRHeal Talks has something for everyone.

Our talks are available on-demand, so you can watch them at your convenience. We also offer live webinars, where you can interact with our experts and ask questions in real-time. All our talks are hosted by experienced moderators, who ensure that the discussions are engaging, informative, and inspiring.

SuRHeal Talks is brought to you by SuRHeal, a leading music therapy and wellness organization. We believe that music has the power to heal and transform lives, and our talks are just one way in which we promote this message. Join us on SuRHeal Talks and discover the magic of music!